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Douglas Cheke, Associate of discoverBRAVE

Douglas Cheke is a long time worker in the not-for-profit sector. As a crisis intervention specialist he has worked with youth and young adult populations creating and supporting community programs in housing, justice, mental health, education, employment and family support.  


Douglas holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and has a background in psychology and communications. As an individual who values the power of creativity though experiential learning Douglas’s artistic pursuits have included the study of classical piano and performing as a professional opera singer.


Douglas has a deep passion for helping individuals through the recovery process specifically supporting those who are related to or live with an addict. Working in the community Douglas has mentored, directed and served individuals navigating the often challenging process of a family in recovery.


At the heart of Douglas’ wellness philosophy is a desire to connect and inspire individuals through their own strengths. It is in the heart of this connection/inspiration that Douglas has gone from living in a state anxiety to becoming confident and living a courageous and adventure filled life.

Charleen McPhail, Creative Associate of discoverBRAVE

Charleen is both a self-taught and life-inspired graphic designer and photographer, practicing in Calgary.

Charleen lets the *magic* of her creative work speak for itself through the spark it ignites in others. She understands the fine intricacies of design and creative pursuits and strives to share her passion for self-expression with others, inspiring each person to find their voice and share their stories. She brings thought provoking visual elements together to tell memorable stories and share recovery and growth oriented symbolism. The difference between design and art lies with the intent - she allows the creative process to unfold and move from her heart into a physical, manifested state.   

Her passion for photography stems from a desire to slow life down, for just a sweet passing moment - a single, life-infused photograph can speak volumes. She explores life thorough her camera lens, and uses it to bring out the beauty in everything she sees. She is committed to helping people see themselves as they truly are, bringing out their own light and radiance.

The Daring Way™ resonates with her inherent pursuit of courage and vulnerability through art. She is constantly pushing boundaries, as art stirs up her innate gift of creativity, starting pivotal conversations about inner strength and owning our stories.

Yasmin Bhanji, MSc.MFT, RSW, Associate of discoverBRAVE

Yasmin Bhanji holds a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and is a Registered Social Worker. Yasmin is the Founder of PATHWAYS Wellness Center, which provides a collaborative approach to mind, body and spirit health and wellness. She has been in the field for over 20 years, having clinical experience working with individuals, couples and families as well as leading group therapy sessions and hosting workshops. As a holistic therapist, she integrates traditional therapy; with mind-body and energy therapies, to create a blend of counseling that addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each person.

After attending a Daring Way™ intensive workshop with Carolyn, Yasmin noticed she has been showing up in her life and business in a much different way. In essence, she is daring to say ‘Yes’ much more to life!

Yasmin Bhanji and PATHWAYS Wellness Center will be collaborating with discoverBRAVE to offer a variety of workshops based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research.

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